Frozen and cooled seafood

Frozen and cooled seafood

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Baby octopus 500 g

Baby octopus 500 g..


Big tiger prawn 8-10pcs/kg

Big tiger prawn 8-10pcs/kg..


Flower Crab L 4-6pcs/kg

Flower Crab L 4-6pcs/kg..


Flower Crab M 6-8pcs/kg

Flower Crab M 6-8pcs/kg..


Flower Crab S 8-10pcs/kg

Flower Crab S 8-10pcs/kg..


Flower Crab XL 2-4pcs/kg

Flower Crab XL 2-4pcs/kg..


Mud Crab L 4-6pcs/kg

Mud Crab L 4-6pcs/kg..


Mud Crab M 6-8pcs/kg

Mud Crab M 6-8pcs/kg..


Mud Crab S 8-10pcs/kg

Mud Crab S 8-10pcs/kg..


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